About Curvy Girl’s Guide

Being a girl is hard. Being a curvy girl is hard.

Curvy Girl’s Guide aims to create a safe and nurturing space to talk about the issues faced by members of the Curvy Girl community. Because of this we have a few guidelines we try to follow:

  1. Honesty > Ego
    This is a pretty big one. We are not afraid to be wrong — because there will be times where we probably will be wrong. In moments like this we would rather own up to our mistakes and use it as a learning experience.
  2. Our experiences and outlooks are not universal
  3. All women are important
    That includes, but is not limited to: Trans*, POC, LGBTQ+, survivors, fighters, #nastywomen, and women of all religions
  4. There is always time to be kind

Disclaimers and Notes

Sometimes we use affiliate links. We think this kind of content is important, but unfortunately running a website doesn’t come for free. We aim to choose our partnerships carefully and integrate them with as little disruption as possible.

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